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Facebook's digital advertising numbers - Like! This article is sponsored by:

Total Facebook advertising business grew 61% year-over-year to $1.6 billion this past quarter with mobile ad revenue alone rising by 10% from the first quarter to hit $656 million to make up 40% of the total ad revenue. Digital marketers have got to Like! that.


DevOps, cloud, and that pesky IT/business gap This article is sponsored by:

Chris Kernaghan has a passion (some would say an obsession) for re-inventing IT and closing that persistent IT-business gap. Check out his strongly-worded views on DevOps, cloud, and turning IT from cost center/sinkhole to indispensable.

Overcome the problems

Digital paywalls vs the sidebar of shame This article is sponsored by:

Every print publication needs to have its own digital version of course. How it monetizes that has been a subject of great debate over the past few years. The Sun newspaper is about to face a major challenge.


SailPoint jibes identity to the cloud This article is sponsored by:

Enterprise identity and access management vendor Sailpoint has rebuilt its entire product set for the cloud to help manage SaaS and mobile apps. But are large organizations ready to manage identity in the cloud?


Steelcase, furnishing the cloud This article is sponsored by:

Workplace fittings and furniture maker Steelcase has not only upgraded its technology to ease access to cloud apps, it's also rearranging its workplaces to help employees be more productive with them

Team meeting around a table - via Steelcase

The SIC-ness undermining the digital economy This article is sponsored by:

A popular view of the UK digital economy is that it is small, dominated by start-ups and delivers low revenue and low employment. Not true, says an interesting new report which argues that the UK digital economy is being misunderstood by both business and policy makers thanks to reliance on a 68 year old method of measurement.


SAP's Snabe out, but not yet This article is sponsored by:

Barely a month goes by recently and SAP announces more big announcements. This time it is Jim Snabe, co-CEO who is stepping aside - but not until May 2014. This opens the door to discussion about SAP's succession plans.

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