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Does Delta care about fraud, scams or customer service? This article is sponsored by:

Delta Airlines has a chequered history of customer service. Their best customers often praise them but they still get many complaints. So when an inquiry is sent that includes the words 'scam' and 'fraud' should they reply promptly? They don't and as a result they fail in offering full customer service.


SAP licensing - more clarity or clear as mud? This article is sponsored by:

SAP appeared to offer good news for customers wishing to reduce maintenance costs through a pro-rating of unused licenses. But all is not quite what it seems. The circumstances are not defined in the public domain and conflicting comments from SAP downplay the net effect.

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Do you want to be like Amazon? This article is sponsored by:

Leading cloud services providers such as Amazon and have made their ability to execute operational efficiencies well in excess of most end user organisations a major selling point. Can you do the same?

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