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Enterprise hits and misses - Meta gets hacked, the metaverse gets whacked, and co-code gets a jargon check This article is sponsored by:

This week - Meta has a mobile vulnerability; API security with web apps gets scrutinized. Does co-code solve modern IT problems - and is it jargon I can approve? I get grouchy about the metaverse, which can't escape the whiffs section.

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Biden paves the way for 'Privacy Shield 2.0' with an Executive Order, but concerns are already being raised about what comes next This article is sponsored by:

Progress, of sorts, on a replacement transatlantic data agreement between Europe and the US. But is this latest attempt going to any more successful than its predecessors?

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An Icelandic saga for the sustainability crisis - why data centers in Iceland may have found their moment This article is sponsored by:

Iceland has made another pitch at providing a sustainable, low carbon answer to the carbon footprint problem. Does that mean every data center in Europe should hop across the North Atlantic? Probably not, but this time it does suggest that a goodly slice of that business should seriously consider the possibility

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