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UK could face more passport application chaos this year unless ‘clunky systems’ are upgraded This article is sponsored by:

Hundreds of thousands of British citizens faced delays to their passport applications as COVID-19 travel restrictions were lifted in 2022 - largely as a result of poor systems and external contractors not meeting service level agreements.

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UK’s Digital Services Tax brings in more revenue than expected - but delays to an international tax agreement risk future success This article is sponsored by:

The UK’s implementation of a Digital Services Tax has proven successful so far, but concerns about the future of the OECD’s international plans pose a risk to future revenue gains.

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Top 10 HR ethical challenges - guilty or not guilty? This article is sponsored by:

If your career has stalled or your resume isn’t getting a lot of traction with recruiters, it may not be your fault. It could be a less than stellar HR/Recruiting team that’s stymieing you. Some of their behavior and systems could be unethical.

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