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Bed, Bath & Beyond hope for omni-channel transformation as sales collapse, losses soar and bankruptcy talk increases This article is sponsored by:

Bed, Bath & Beyond enters what must be the end game as its omni-channel ambitions fail to save it from plummeting sales and soaring losses. A casebook of how not to do retail transformation?

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From static reports to self-service BI - Texas Tech Credit Union shares Domo project breakthroughs This article is sponsored by:

The Business Intelligence landscape has changed, and it’s no longer just the domain of the analyst or IT. But the transition to self-service BI isn't a straightforward path. Brian Jackson of Texas Tech Credit Union shares how Domo helped his firm navigate the pitfalls.

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Enterprise hits and misses - tech layoffs harsh the holiday buzz, Southwest trips on technical debt, and ChatGPT rides the hype cycle This article is sponsored by:

This week - we charge out of the gates with a macro-economic enterprise wake up call. Southwest grabs the IT failure headlines - will technical debt force 2023 IT spend? HR leadership gets tough love, CES gets a worst-of-show tribute, and I crash the ChatGPT hype festival.

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