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The next best thing since the last best thing! Some tech hype models to live by This article is sponsored by:

While ChatGPT is capturing a lot of press lately, is anyone really thinking about the hype associated with it and other all-new technologies? Are readers not being discriminating enough and accepting too much at face value? Here are some interesting models to ponder while evaluating the hype around AI and ChatGPT.


Enterprise hits and misses - Davos provokes debates it can't solve, and IT spending gets a consumer tech buzzkill This article is sponsored by:

This week - Davos stoked the fires of essential tech debates - now we have to solve them. Enterprise tech spending forecasts are still up, but downgraded by consumer tech woes (and layoffs). Can next-gen tech overcome practical (budget) barriers? Your whiffs include... pet fish abusing credit cards.

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