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Enterprise hits and misses - AI has an iPhone moment, but should we press pause? Automation changes careers, and transformation needs ROI This article is sponsored by:

This week - AI tech is surging, but can we press pause? Enterprises grapple with AI ethics, automation, and the ROI of digital transformation. Whiffs feature the Metaverse, and AI job loss alarmism.

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IFS CEO Darren Roos on why enterprise software must change - "Vendors aren't focused on business outcomes" This article is sponsored by:

When Darren Roos joined IFS as CEO in 2018, he made some bold statements - so where do we stand now? Time for a gut check. We also hashed out the meaning of the IFS "Moment of Service" - and why I think IFS' digital value engineering pursuit is underrated.

IFS CEO Darren Roos
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