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What’s next in process mining - evolution and innovation This article is sponsored by: Celonis logo © Celonis

Process mining has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. What happens next? Wil van der Aalst, Chief Scientist at Celonis, looks at how the technology is evolving and helping businesses find and capture the value hidden in their processes.

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What can government learn from COVID digital tech? Lots, according to the Ada Lovelace Institute This article is sponsored by:

Digital tech was rolled out at great speed at the height of the pandemic, to greater or lesser effect. But there are long terms lessons to be learned from the crisis that governments around the world need to take on board.

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Enterprise hits and misses - is it a bad time to buy enterprise software? And is generative AI "instant mediocrity" for the enterprise? This article is sponsored by:

This week - is it really a bad time to buy enterprise software? Let's break it down. And is "instant mediocrity" a fair way of describing the utility of generative AI for the enterprise? Should we take Apple Vision seriously, or do I have more VR vinegar to serve up? As always, your weekly whiffs.

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