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Time for a 'cloud-alike' approach to architecture? Nebulon pitches a deep infrastructure strategy This article is sponsored by:

Are you wasting money on cloud services running applications that would be better off in-house, on-premises, yet know the flexibility of cloud operations is the best place for the application to run? US start up Nebulon would like a word.


Johnson & Johnson aims to transform the experience of clinical research with new ClinApp platform This article is sponsored by:

Clinical research is a lengthy, complex process that requires processing millions of data points across a variety of stakeholders. Johnson & Johnson is piloting a new platform to improve this experience, using Pega Infinity.


Planful Perform 2022 - how ProMach powers its acquisition strategy with cloud finance This article is sponsored by:

We'd heard plenty about legacy tech slowing down the productivity of finance teams. But what happens when it threatens your business growth? Here's how ProMach solved that - and why they became an early adopter of Planful's Predict AI solution.

ProMach, Planful customer in action
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