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Enterprise hits and misses - generative AI captures headlines with model drift and UI debates, but are enterprises sleeping on ESG? This article is sponsored by:

As the generative AI news cycle holds center stage, are enterprises falling behind on their ESG response? The future of work is quantifiable, but is that a good thing? Work satire hits home while employment fraud shifts. In your whiffs, I claim this round of buzzword bingo.

King Checkmate

Meet today’s brazen and more frequently fraudulent jobseekers! Are you ready to deal with them? This article is sponsored by:

More and more jobseekers may be testing your firm. They might be finessing their resume, outright misrepresenting themselves, gaming the recruiting process, etc. and in the process causing your firm to look past some great candidates. Employment fraud isn’t new but the landscape is definitely changing. Is your organization ready?


Does the key to liveable cities in a hotter world lie in geospatial intelligence, powered by Machine Learning? This article is sponsored by:

AWS SageMaker could provide the basis for new urban heat and biodiversity problem solving tools, providing geospatial intelligence for city planners grappling with climate change and warmer cities.

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