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Enterprise hits and misses - marketers grapple with generative AI, security is an identity problem, and OpenAI has an up and down week This article is sponsored by:

Marketers are bullish on generative AI, but is content "creation" the best use case? Security is an identity problem, with hackers exploiting trusted credentials. OpenAI notches a win via Apple (and Siri), but a new open letter keeps ethics on the front burner (for now). Your whiffs include a PR pretzel-twisting competition.

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Superconducting chips that could pack a data center into a shoebox? Here's how This article is sponsored by:

Imec, which coordinates chip fabrication equipment integration, has developed superconducting chips that will put 20 exaflops into a shoebox using existing fabrication technology. They will also reduce power requirements over a hundredfold, which could help lower the barriers to training larger AI models.

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