digibyte – watch Tom Keane from Bloomberg, a first rate analyst


Tom Keane is turning into a first rate real time broadcaster whose content will fill gaps in your knowledge. Provided you go with video -and that’s not always easy.

It’s rare for us to make an out and out recommendation, especially regarding video which is a liner media that requires your undivided attention, but I make an exception in the case of Tom Keane from Bloomberg whose channel attracts more than 25,000 viewers. See embedded video above.

He explains economic issues in simple terms and picks through the technology BS to focus on what matters.

In the show embedded above, he swats away talk about omni-channel as passé but provides the facts and figures to explain why Amazon gets so much attention, and especially why its explosive growth is only a part of the retail story because as we know, online in the guise of Amazon (and then everyone else by a long margin) has only penetrated a small segment of the total available retail market. In short, the upside is massive.

He also talks about the woes facing Abercrombie and Fitch, one of America’s iconic high street clothing retailers. We’ve profiled them as well.

The study of economic trends is taking on increasing importance as companies seek to figure out how their markets are changing at what often appears to be lightning speed. An occasional dose of what Keane has to offer puts you alongside someone who is not only seasoned but sensible. I’ll buy  that pretty much any day of the week.

The good news is that even if the thought of sitting through a video, even one as real time entertaining as Keane’s fills you with dread, you can always play catch up on Facebook.

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    1. PJ Bonura says:

      “Turning into”?
      Mr. Keane has been at the top of the business reporting business for a very long time. Not a showman or a sensationalist. Tom asks the right questions of his always A-list guests. If you don’t know who Tom Keane , tune into Bloomberg (radio or TV) mornings.

      1. says:

        I said ‘real time broadcaster’ because that’s a skill that very, very few master. He makes it look easy and it isn’t. Way different from other show types.