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Cloud-based source-to-pay spend management provider Coupa is the latest enterprise software vendor to step up to became a diginomica premier partner

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Rob Bernshteyn, Coupa

We’ve had the Coupa logo on the diginomica site for more than three years already, but today we publish the vendor’s first content after it stepped up its partnership with us to premier partner status. So now we can say a proper welcome to Coupa.

When Stuart Lauchlan and I went to see Rob Bernshteyn at Coupa’s San Mateo headquarters back in fall 2013 to explain the business model behind diginomica, we had already been following Coupa’s fortunes since he first became CEO in 2009. We knew that Coupa’s fresh, cloud-based approach to spend management was a good fit for the forward-thinking IT buyers we reach with the site.

Coupa has not disappointed in the years since. Its regular events have yielded fascinating customer stories of the impact of cloud automation and how to roll it out to the spend management function. Some highlights of our coverage:

Coupa’s emphasis on delivering measurable value stands out in an industry that has too often left customers to their own devices once the contract has been signed and delivered. Last year, Bernshteyn put this philosophy down on paper because he believes it’s a real differentiation for Coupa from other SaaS providers. As he told me then:

We are already talking about measurable value as a service. We’re just beginning in this journey while others are still stuck in the past…

We’re in this other world where we’re saying, with that delivery model, with the capabilities being delivered, how do we use people, technology and process change to drive value? We’re swimming in that world.

Bernshteyn is an advocate of our coverage, as he expressed in an email earlier this year, which he has given us permission to quote:

It is crystal clear to me that you are authentically committed to cutting through the typical bs sales driven noise in enterprise software and bring out real authenticity in our industry.

Today’s first content from Coupa reinforces the emphasis on customer value. Coupa CMO Tara Ryan presents a viewpoint from independent consultant David Hearn, who has two decades’ experience as an enterprise procurement specialist. Based on a series of posts from the Coupa blog, read on to learn his advice on how to break out of procurement silos to get real insight into spend.

Image credit - via Coupa

Disclosure - Coupa is a diginomica premier partner at the time of writing.