Enterprise hits and misses – SuiteWorld and Sapphire Now + ASUG special edition


A cheeky weekly review of which articles hit (or didn’t) – on diginomica and beyond – with a heavy dose of delightful context from NetSuite’s SuiteWorld and SAP’s Sapphire Now + ASUG events. Plus: filters and ignorance-as-a-service

Cheerful Chubby ManDiginomica goes bi-coastal-  does monster coverage of SuiteWorld and ASUG/Sapphire Now by the diginomica team

Silly season indeed! Virtually the entire diginomica team was either at NetSuite’s SuiteWorld on the west coast or ASUG/Sapphire Now on the east. Plenty of analysis is still coming in – Den is producing our SAP videos in a lightning round as I type. But here’s some of my fave picks from both shows to date:

Jon’s SuiteWorld diginomica picks

There’s plenty more on SuiteWorld – our cloud topic archives are a good place to start.

Jon’s ASUG/Sapphire Now diginomica picks

Bonus: I wrote up an unusual video shoot and why it matters in ConAgra Foods – breaking biz and IT barriers to build an advanced HANA use case. Also taped a podcast wrap with Dick Hirsch in ASUG-Sapphire Now ’15 in review – director’s cut with Dick Hirsch  (also available on iTunes)

myPOV: SAP was under pressure from a brutal series of keynotes at least year’s show, including a comically slick view of “run simple.” This year saw SAP made a strong course correction, with overall better keynotes that put customer stories in the center more often than not. The Walmart appearance on day 2 is already legendary for its frank effectiveness. In private meetings, McDermott demonstrated he is serious about dialogue  – now we see where that leads.

Meanwhile, ASUG set a stronger tone with keynotes that showed a willingness to partner with SAP on innovation, but also to hold SAP’s feet to the fire (here’s one keeper quote from ASUG CEO Geoff Scott). Hasso Plattner’s keynote on Thursday was a tour de force; if SAP succeeds in its S/4 HANA ambitions, Plattner’s keynote will be remembered as a turning point from dreamy-speedy to getting real (e.g. the world is changing fast my friends, better get on board before you are aggregated into history). Keynote replays here.

Happy children eating appleVendor analysis, diginomica style – Birst is pretty good at making waves  (ooh, bad pun dude!) as it advances its own analytics cause – Phil has the story in Birst founder pans Wave analytics, praises HANA. Derek stays on top of ServiceNow’s #ensw plays with the latest from their HR product lead in nterview: ServiceNow wants to be the ‘out of the box’ HR tool for enterprises. And Martin concludes that Cirba’s deployment flexibility lines up well with cloud services’ need to shift environments and geo-locations quickly. (Cirba – stick that app where it’s needed).

Jon’s grab bag: Did you know that Boeing has to reduce the TCO on each aircraft by 1 percent each year over the 100 year life of a plane? Den’s sees #ensw implications: What Boeing can teach the software industry about timelessnessWhen it comes to fighting cancer, early detection and diagnosis is key, so I read Jessica’s latest with interest (Cancer Research UK arms mobile workforce for smarter working).

While I don’t agree with a “unicorn” approach to data science (the right approach is building diverse teams), I found Janine’s Hiring data scientists is like hunting unicorns interesting nonetheless. Oh, and did you know that this week marked diginomica’s two year birthday? (See our self-aggrandizing “Happy birthday to us – and welcome to Infosys post for more. Thanks for reading – without you, we’d be a bad idea on the cutting room by now, a “What the hell happened to those guys?” trade show bar punchline. Instead we’re rocking and determined to give you even better #ensw content/insight.

Best of the rest

Waiter suggesting a bottle of wine to a customer Other standouts – Alas, gotta push through these quickly this week as time is running short

Honorable mention
The industry’s first Workday services blueprint: A new breed of As-a-Service providers has disrupted HR delivery forever – yes, a tad excitable, but from the look of it some excitement is warranted.
Progress Report – Oracle HCM moves from essentials to differentiators – will it work? – “Mueller?” “Mueller?
IBM Watson Gets Ready to Scale – #ensw sleuths take note: this is Henschen’s first “myPOV.” Welcome to Constellation Doug. 🙂
What Schools Must Learn From LA’s iPad Debacle – and it sounded so cool, so neato. And like so many other gee-whiz ideas, it got a spackling in the real world.
How Intel Attracts More Than 2 Million Readers A Month – more field lessons, these of the good news kind, including some very useful B2B and B2C content distinctions.
What Facebook’s ‘It’s Not Our Fault’ Study Really Means – yup, got the “algo blues” again. Turns out we like to read stuff we agree with. Wired doesn’t blame Facebook for that, and neither do it, though Facebook is not off the hook for the general issue of creating filter bubbles. In the end we get the bubble we deserve, and live in it only if we insist upon ignorance-as-a-service.


Overworked businessmanOn to the whiffs… “Did Tesla Just Kill Nuclear Power?” – Nah… but you just killed the art of the understatement. The commenters provided the spankings: “Nuclear is still the third largest generation source. Your claims are divorced from reality.” And: “Hard to believe that any numerate person would fall for this tripe.” Deep in the bowels of the comments, the author takes a hyperbole breather to sheepishly ask: “But will the batteries prove viable at the cost predicted?” Why take a position when you can just position a hot take?

Oh, and did you know that LinkedIn Is Sorry For Flooding Your Inbox?  Yes, it’s true, as Buzzfeed diligently reports, they just might decide to send less emails in the future (LinkedIn was skewered in the comment section of my “email hell” piece). But we should all take comfort: LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner knows the flood of notifications can be overwhelming. Red herring: the real issue is the arcane preferences labyrinth where the notification toggles are stored. As for Weiner’s pensive comments, even Captain Ahab had his moment of reflection.

Whiffs are fun but kicking someone when they are trending down isn’t. Elan Musk got the ol’ social media tar-and-feather this week, because he REPORTEDLY once gave an employee a hard time for blowing off his corporate purpose for the birth of his son. If true, what Musk did was gutless and myopic, but the whole thing blew up on Twitter as if Musk sent the email yesterday. By the time the once-proud/now featherless Boing Boing scrapes you up for a troll-caliber linkbait page, I’m rooting for you to send more emails – to the scrapers who stand in faux judgement.

Officially off-topic

So the NSA actually does have a program called Skynet – though it’s less about self-aware machines and more about tracking phone patterns of suspected terrorists. More privacy questions come by way of privately-owned drones – and this is just the early going.

More entertaining truths by way of Vijay Vijayasankar, who reminded me that the Ad Contrarian has been on a roll lately (This one, The Perspective-Free Marketing Industry, nails the dilemma between preaching and resisting change, with surprising media facts to boot). This punchy Everything I Know About Journalism in 395 Words is packed with vitals a discerning blogger should staple to the wall (“fact check with a vengeance” indeed!)

On the amusing side, 21 Actually Real Startup Names From Tech Crunch Disrupt to consider (I’m partial to Tiggly, which seems like an itch you might not want to scratch in front of others. OK – “Madmen”/”Game of Thrones” combo beckons. See you next time…

Which #ensw pieces of merit did I miss? Let us know in the comments.

Most Enterprise hits and misses articles are selected from my curated @jonerpnewsfeed. ìmyPOVî is borrowed with reluctant permission from the ubiquitous Ray Wang.

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