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A cheeky end-of-week review of what articles hit (or didn’t) on diginomica and beyond.

A cheeky end-of-weekly on which articles hit (or didn’t) on diginomica and beyond.

Cheerful Chubby Mandiginomica hit: Email is not dying by Dennis Howlett

quotage: “From my own experience and among the team here at diginomica, it is nigh on impossible to rid ourselves of email and little incentive to use digital tools.”

myPOV: launching diginomica has given our core team a chance to escape the shackles of email. At each point, there is an adoption fail. The most recent thud was Yammer, which lasted about two days. Also check out Phil Wainewright’s related piece, Email – the stepchild digital forgot.

reader comment: “However, there are issues around trying to get new graduates who join a company to use it properly. The one that has surprised me recently is private Google+ communities,,, I’m a member of two and both are working quite well as replacements for ‘group-wide’ email. ” (Stuart Bruce)

Happy children eating applediginomica pick: Oracle preps for cloud fiscal cliff  by Kenny MacIver

quotage: “Given that the bulk of Oracle’s cloud subscriptions revenue today comes as a result of acquisitions made in recent years, such as RightNow and Taleo, it’s still an open question as to whether the company’s numbers are already showing any major transition to its cloud offerings by existing customers.”

myPOV: This piece marks diginomica co-founder Kenny MacIver’s article debut. When you read it, you’ll see why the four of us are glad to have Kenny to raise the bar around here.

Waiter suggesting a bottle of wine to a customerBest of the rest

NetSuite Manufacturing moves on down the highway by Frank Scavo
quotage: “If NetSuite is going to continue its growth, reported at 28% last year in its core business, it really has no choice but to pursue manufacturing customers. Manufacturers are the largest market for ERP systems and therefore an attractive target for NetSuite’s development efforts.”
myPOV: Scavo did his due diligence in this nuanced piece on NetSuite’s manufacturing moves, hitting on NetSuite’s PLM announcements as well as the service/support angles. Though I can be called a cloud krishna I remain skeptical that companies will move mission-critical manufacturing systems to the cloud anytime soon. The NetSuite case studies cited by Scavo dispute that, however.

The Real SAP/Sapphire Story by Brian Sommer
quotage: “This week, SAP had a fourth type of opportunity but, in my opinion, kind of flubbed the delivery of the message… They got all too excited about their new technology and forgot to explain the destination, journey and burning platform parts of the story.”
myPOV: Vendors – ignore Sommer’s messaging analysis at your own peril. You may have a good story, but if folks like Sommer find it too tech-heavy, your customers will likely have the same reaction. Update: see Den’s update on SAP’s leadership changes after Sapphire also.

Why I no longer believe in the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25  by Lori Cecere
quotage: “The AMR Top 25 was the first methodology that tried to connect financial metrics with supply chain excellence. The intent was good. It elevated the discussion on supply chain excellence and drove more discipline and rigor in the use of financial metrics. But, the methodology has some basic problems.”
myPOV: A gratuitous whack at Gartner is not unheard of from my direction, but in this article Cecere has a well-thought critique that begins (correctly) with her position that industry variation is too important to ignore.

from JD-OD.com: on our sister site, we just posted a narrated run down of our Sapphire Now 2013 day one wraps, featuring the usual suspects analyzing the day 1 keynote, the mobile announcements, and the SAP Startup Program.
from the interweb: Google’s I/O 2013 keynote was a whopping 3 hours and 25 minutes long. For your viewing efficiency this link will take you right to the final 30 minutes (the Q/A segment).

holger_mueller_biggerBlogger to watch: Holger’s Mueller has been on a roll in his Enterprise Software Musings blog lately. A self-described “25 year enterprise software veteran,” Mueller is quickly becoming a guy to read because he is raising all the right questions. His SuiteWorld-versus-Sapphire Now posts were good reads and Oracle has come under his microscope recently also.

Final swing: I don’t appreciate Google taking away valuable Gchat functionality and pushing it all into Hangouts. I don’t want a full-blown Hangout when I just have a quick IM chat question. Google’s design/user experience blunders, whether it’s a disastrous gmail redo or a kibosh of its much-loved Reader, make me wonder if it understands its own users. Maybe I underestimated Google’s potential in the enterprise after all. 🙂

Officially off-topic: If you have some cassette tapes lying around you can send them in a get a dazzling lamp for your trouble.

Which #ensw pieces impacting you did I miss? Let us know in the comments.

Most of these articles are selected from my curated @jonerpnewsfeed. “myPOV” is borrowed with reluctant permission from the ubiquitous Ray Wang.

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Disclosure: SAP paid for most of Jon’s travel and expense to Sapphire Now Orlando, where the JD-OD Sapphire video footage was filmed.