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5 ways ASC 606 changes how services companies book revenues

The new ASC 606 standard for revenue recognition will change how services companies book revenues. Unit4 CFO Gordon Stuart outlines five steps to compliance

What would it help to start seeing?

Lessons in the art of unseeing – visionary thinking from Salesforce’s Peter Coffee.

Digital transformation – tipping point or just the beginning?

Think you’re on top of digital transformation? Try explaining it to someone else, suggests Salesforce’s Tony Colon.

How to implement GDPR and change your business culture forever

Now that GDPR is in force, a new business culture of data protection by design and by default must take hold. Unit4’s René Bentvelzen explains how to make it happen

Intelligent automation works best with cultural transformation

As intelligent automation spreads through the enterprise, business leaders must make sure it’s accompanied by cultural transformation for best results, writes ServiceNow’s Jason Sutton

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