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How to design a user experience with the shop floor operator in mind

When going mobile in manufacturing, the user experience must have the shop floor operator in mind. Plex UX designer Hollie Tanner describes her approach

Strategic financial transformation begins with people

As finance transforms to take a more strategic role, people need new skills in analytics and collaboration, writes Host Analytics CFO Dan Fletcher

7 work management best practices for the enterprise

As the proliferation of digital applications reaches crisis point, Workfront’s Heidi Melin outlines 7 work management best practices adopted by enterprises

How to break free of data silos for a truly intelligence-driven supply chain

Intelligence-driven supply chain management is here but businesses must first connect across data silos, writes Infor’s Bryan Nella

Admit that it’s not magic

Coffee’s Caution to vendors – Since you know that what you’re selling isn’t magic, admit it—and give your customers what they need to deal with the difference.

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