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Unicorn startups, tigers, and leopards – they’re all-in on cloud apps

Customer experience, AI, cloud apps are common threads connecting successful unicorn startups with wise tigers and leopards, writes Oracle’s Michael Hickins

Know your desired outcomes – IoT and the consumable future

The Internet of Things (IoT) is leading us into a consumable future – to make the most of it, know what outcomes you desire, advises ServiceNow’s Chris Pope

Transformation in retail is no luxury

Jamie Merrick shops around for exemplars of digital transformation in action across high profile retail brands.

To be; to think; to know

We are on a frontier of old concepts in new contexts – and we must arrive at new understandings, says Salesforce’s Peter Coffee.

Time to view customers through a 360° lens

Why the need for a 360° view of the customer has never been greater.

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