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How to gain people advantage and take your services firm international

The story of law firm Bond Dickinson shows how people advantage can take a services firm international, writes Unit4’s prevero UK chief Alice Allegrini

What happens when everyone wants one?

For every innovation, we need today to include in our assessment some questions of the form, “What if this catches on?”, says Salesforce’s Peter Coffee.

Six skills that will help you land your first product management job

Want to know how to get into product management? New Relic product manager Nadya Duke Boone outlines six skills that will help you land your first PM job

From theory to reality – powering up Industry 4.0

Chris Pope, VP Innovation, ServiceNow, brings Industry 4.0 to light in practical, realistic terms – focusing on the five layers of intelligent automation.

12 higher education trends to empower student success in 2018

Student success is set to be a big focus for 2018 in higher education. Unit4’s Otmar Zewald outlines 12 trends that will empower students to achieve more

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