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Nudge, plead or beg? How do you really influence behavior change?

Digital transformation needs leadership and user buy-in. Salesforce’s Tony Colon offers some advice on how to pull it off.

Fixing the human and technology disconnects in siloed monoliths

IT has a crucial role in fixing the human and technology disconnects that keep enterprises trapped in siloed monoliths, writes ServiceNow’s Jason Sutton

How to integrate your way to digital transformation success

Getting integration right is critical to the success of digital transformation programs, explains MuleSoft’s Ian Fairclough.

Software will never be beautiful – it’s the experience that counts

Instead of making enterprise software beautiful, think UX vs UI – design a user experience that just gets stuff done, writes Unit4’s Claus Jepsen

Database popularity is skyrocketing – and this is why you should care!

The autonomous database is the harbinger of a new generation of innovation. Here’s why it matters to you, says Oracle’s Andrew Mendelsohn.

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Be The Match finds quality partner in SQS

In the fight against blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma, delivering high-quality software to match patients with donors of bone marrow and blood stem cells is a top priority for the National Marrow Donor Programme.

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