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Why every employee deserves to feel like they belong

ServiceNow’s Chief Talent Officer Pat Wadors explains why it’s important to have your employees feel they belong in a diversity-centered corporate culture.

Does your software vendor reduce your business risk?

You’ve weighed the costs and benefits of new software, but what of the risks to your business? Zoho’s Vijay Sundaram outlines what to watch out for

Don’t fall off the edge – why IoT still needs the cloud

IoT and edge computing sounds very futuristic but it’s been with us a while. New Relic’s Lee Atchison figures out where the cloud starts and the edge ends

Excel is a snapshot of the past. BI helps you see the future

Doing forecasts and planning in Excel slows you down – integrated BI and CPM are the modern way to do FP&A, writes Unit4’s Matthias Thurner

Embracing the power of the AI co-worker

Andrew Lawson discusses one of the topics to be prominent at this year’s Dreamforce in San Francisco: AI and its role in the workplace.

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