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How to unlock IoT as an engine of human potential

IoT wil produce huge volumes of sensor data that, combined with AI, can drive human potential to new levels, predicts Infor’s Nick Castellina

How finance can drive change and deliver value for all

Modern finance leaders offer valuable insight from strategic analysis with real impact on business operations, writes Host Analytics’ Christelle Flahaux

Why enterprise IT is moving to the cloud – and when it’s not

CIOs are under pressure to move enterprise IT to the cloud. But that doesn’t mean ERP has to go too, writes Pat Phelan from Rimini Street

ASC 606 is here and it can transform your business for the better

ASC 606 rules on revenue recognition provide an opportunity to transform your business for the better, writes FinancialForce CFO Gordy Brooks

The world can’t afford cheap data

Cheap data would be a false economy, argues Salesforce’s Peter Coffee.

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