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Acquired! Do you keep or change your CRM?

Raju Vegensa of Zoho shares three examples of companies that went through acquisitions and the lessons learned about whether to keep or change their CRM systems.

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Enterprise hits and misses - generative AI doesn't replace marketers, copywriters get a cost-cutting AI wake-up call, and software pricing must modernize This article is sponsored by:

This week - no, generative AI doesn't replace marketers, but as companies look to dump costs, copywriters are (rightly) concerned. Software pricing needs to change - but how? Your whiffs include AI-washing media shenanigans, and a loving farewell to Microsoft Cortana.


Salesforce COO Brian Millham on how the firm is transforming to rise above the noise This article is sponsored by:

Salesforce is rethinking much of its operational model in pursuit of a more efficient organizational approach and a greater emphasis on profitability. COO Millham explained some of the rationale here at last week's Jefferies Software Conference.

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It's a bad time to buy software - here's why! This article is sponsored by:

The software market is changing and advanced technologies like AI/ML/LLMs are triggering a lot of vendor product roadmap, technology, security and other changes. But is this the time to buy application software? Is it okay to buy a module or two? Read on….

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