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cat-icon Putting customer centricity at the heart of public sector services

With mobile, social and cloud technologies driving the way we live, work and interact across all areas of life, public sector organisations can adopt the same tech as businesses to engage more closely with citizens and employees. Gavin Mee, Senior Vice President, Enterprise, at Salesforce, shines a light on how technology can overhaul local government’s service delivery.

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Enterprise hits and misses - collaboration gets ready for prime time, and innovation is BS

In this edition - the collaboration market heats up, and the founder of Linux calls BS on tech "innovation." Weekend news steals the show, with SAP winning an indirect access court case with a bitter aftertaste. Uber gets called out for by a female ex-employee, and Yahoo is an open door - for customer data. Whiffs include, appropriately enough, the BS awards, and a fun/awkward email exchange.