hybris hubris and the war in heaven


SAP wants to “unleash” its will on the CRM market (and Salesforce.com) – like Russell Crowe unleashing hell in Gladiator perhaps? – through its hybris acquisition.  But clearly there are the implications for the ecommerce market and the likes of rivals such as NetSuite. The war in heaven is hotting up again.

Qualcomm mulls shift to cloud ERP


At wireless technology giant Qualcomm, insiders are said to refer to NetSuite’s cloud ERP system as ‘the rapid platform’, in contrast to the ‘legacy platform’ from Oracle that runs its core systems. Already deployed in peripheral business units, a larger role for NetSuite may now be on the cards.

NetSuite SuiteWorld : Day 1 in review

Zach and 4 pillars

Well – I got that wrong. Contrary to what I thought, the NetSuite SuiteWorld opening keynote and surrounding executive presentations did not center on retail. Instead, the company chose to walk us through the four big elements of the company’s focus: the suite, customizations, omni-commerce and suite for industries.