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The final damnation of the BBC’s £100m digital disaster and some tips for others

April 10, 2014 | The BBC’s abortive Digital Media Initiative (DMI) may well be dead, but it won’t stay lying down as this week legislators in the UK Parliament slammed the state broadcaster in the strongest possible terms for its £100 million digital disaster. Read more [...]

Morrison’s digital boss exits after supermarket chain bets the farm on, er, digital

April 9, 2014 | After a shocking start to the year, things can only get better for Morrisons now the supermarket chain has belatedly got digital religion, surely? Er, not when the guy in charge of digital decides it's time to leave. Read more [...]

Inteva finds value in cloud manufacturing ERP

April 7, 2014 | Inteva switched from SAP to Plex. Learn what happened and about the benefits derived Read more [...]

SAP and Salesforce to duke it out in vertical markets?

April 3, 2014 | | 12 Comments Salesforce is going after vertical markets. Enough to overtake SAP?  I doubt it will happen anytime soon. Read more [...]

HSBC innovation boss urges cloud rethink by financial services firms

March 31, 2014 | | One Comment "Is cloud adoption where we want it to be? Are firms like HSBC and other financial services firms getting the best out of cloud? Frankly we're not," concludes HSBC's head of research and innovation. Read more [...]

KPMG taps Xero for UK market growth

March 30, 2014 | KPMG and Xero announce a strategic partnership that sees KPMG attack the SME market.  Does it makes sense? Yes, but only if KPMG can get the math right. Read more [...]

Xero: looks matter but they’re not enough

March 28, 2014 | | 6 Comments Lawyerist takes a hard look at Xero and comes up wondering if it is worth the switch from QuickBooks. It's hard to disagree and there are lessons ofr Xero along the way. Read more [...]

Mobile acceleration speeds conversion rates for retailer MandM Direct

March 20, 2014 | At the online discount fashion retailer, a responsive redesign combined with a hefty dose of mobile acceleration technology has had a significant effect on mobile and tablet conversion rates, says IT director Graham Benson. Read more [...]

Stanley Black & Decker: cloud collaboration, one step at a time

March 20, 2014 | With 5TB of content and 40,000 employees, the tools manufacturer cannot help but move slowly as it begins to push collaboration to the cloud Read more [...]

Four organizational conflict scenarios in omni-channel retail

March 19, 2014 | Forrester talks about how omni channel retail can be executed against. The reality might well be very different. Read more [...]

The multi-challenge journey to multi-channel retail

March 18, 2014 | Research suggests that 55% of  retailers investments have been driven by customers already expecting mature omni-channel capabilities and the need to play catch-up with their competitors. But how many of them can actually deliver? Read more [...]

ClearBooks opens the kimono – a bit

March 17, 2014 | ClearBooks is reporting progress in the current financial year following a successful funding round. It makes for interesting reading Read more [...]

Morrisons – the retail nightmare goes on as data breach undermines confidence

March 16, 2014 | | 2 Comments Supermarket giant Morrisons can't do multi-channel as well as rivals. Now it's managed to lose the bank account details of 100,000 of your own staff in a massive data hack. It's not been the best of weeks. Read more [...]

Dear British Airways: please be consistent

March 14, 2014 | BA gets a lot of things right but when it goes wrong it can be a bitter experience. It's all about consistently delivering a great service and customer experience Read more [...]

Supermarket giant Morrisons plight is a lesson on neglecting multi-channel retail

March 14, 2014 | Supermarket giant Morrisons has neglected to invest in IT and not made the move to multi-channel retail effectively. As such it's  paid a high price and delivered a salutary lesson to retail firms around the globe.  But is all lost? Read more [...]