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Netflix - wanting to be the BBC?

Netflix's meteoric rise has revolutionized broadcast TV operating and models and, with $6 billion to throw at original content in 2017, is doing the stuff the BBC used to do.

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How Aldo used Roambi to achieve 90 percent BI adoption - an NRF retail use case

Not all BI projects are created equal. At NRF 2017, I found out how Aldo achieved a 90 percent mobile BI adoption rate. The bigger story is about giving employees the data they need to be effective - no small feat in modern retail. Aldo's David Dadoun shared his project tips, and gave us a look at SAP BusinessObjects Roambi in action.

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Enterprise UX futures - the good, the mind-bending, and the manipulative

Enterprise UX design has made big progress - but not so fast. The future of UX is rushing towards us, with AI, bots, voice, and wearables sending designers back to basic training. Then there's the design temptation of manipulating consumers. I take a look ahead - and hand out some informal 2016 UX awards.

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A Dropbox IPO? Not yet 'yes', but probably 'probably'

It may have 500 million registered users, but really, Dropbox is now far more interested in adding to its 200,000 corporate user base and sees collaboration tools, together with a rich array of technology partners adding a wide range of specialised tools, as the way to get both there, and possibly onto the public stock market.

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cat-icon Stop looking under the lamp post

Overwhelming amounts of data can turn into overwhelming misinformation, says Peter Coffee of Salesforce – especially if there’s a confirmation bias in play, where too many of the people asking questions are all expecting (or even hoping for) the same result.