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The fall of Spreecast - we get the webinars we deserve

The demise of Spreecast provokes a debate on the state of today's webinars. The short answer: webinars stink. At best, they fail as must-see events. A deeper look shows the logic in today's perfunctory webinars. Plus: a chance for great online events waiting to be seized.

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How does UX design fit into an augmented reality and 360 video world?

My recent forays into augmented reality got me thinking - how should we factor these new technologies into UX design? Jeff Piazza of Behavior Design has some answers. Here's what he told me about the readiness of VR, AR, and 360 video, and what he's learning from current projects.

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Building blockchain apps for the enterprise - a Q/A with Victor Wong

Building blockchain apps is still a new concept. I sat down with Victor Wong, CEO of BlockApps, to get his take on why Ethereum is a step forward for enterprise blockchains. He addressed criticisms of enterprise blockchains and talked about the use cases his company is seeing, as they help firms build blockchain apps.