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Marketing automation is personal, contextual and mobile - Scondoo’s story

Marketing automation is still on the buzzword treadmill. But too often, "automation" ends up being too automated, and not personalized to our device and priorities. In this use case with marketing automation vendor Kahuna, Barb Mosher Zinck tells a tale of marketing automation done right - and what we can learn from Scondoo about how to truly personalize our services.

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Retail review - omni-channel may be science fiction, but a single source of truth matters

In my NRF 2017 review, I buried the omni-channel. But that wasn't entirely fair. In this follow up, I share retail transformation views from two companies, Infor and CitiXsys. Their advice brings together practical next steps retailers can take. For the bold, there is a chance to get closer to the customer via in-store culture change - and retail data platforms.

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Can QuickBooks Online crack the UK SMB market?

Intuit's first UK customer event, QuickBooks Connect attracted a sizable crowd that appeared mostly to be millennials and Gen Y people. Does QuickBooks hold enough to crack that demanding market?

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Digital media disruptions XVI - personalization, talent, and the platform dilemma

In this edition of digital media disruptions: why publishers are painfully hooked on third party platforms, and what we can learn from their dilemma. Plus: personalization pitfalls and the problem of algorithmic content. We also examine what enterprises can learn from HBO's approach to talent, culture and business model change.

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How Hopper uses analytics to predict the best flight for your wallet

Booking a flight is not what you'd call frictionless. Making sure you get that flight at the best price is worse. Hopper set about to change that. In the process, they've learned plenty on push marketing, conversions, and earning customer loyalty. Hopper's Dakota Smith shared how they've become a major player in mobile flight bookings - and how product analytics from Mixpanel paid off.

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How Aldo used Roambi to achieve 90 percent BI adoption - an NRF retail use case

Not all BI projects are created equal. At NRF 2017, I found out how Aldo achieved a 90 percent mobile BI adoption rate. The bigger story is about giving employees the data they need to be effective - no small feat in modern retail. Aldo's David Dadoun shared his project tips, and gave us a look at SAP BusinessObjects Roambi in action.