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How NRF 2017 changed my thinking on retail trends - a semi-visual tour

I headed to the NRF retail extravaganza with burning questions about how retailers succeed in Amazon's shadow. Thanks to a slew of meetings and demos with startups, analysts, and assorted industry players, I got some answers. Here's a five point roundup, complete with graphics and videos.

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How Shoebacca competes with the retail giants - live from Acumatica Summit

Retail is tough, but online retailer Shoebacca is winning. At the Acumatica Summit, I found out how they are pulling it off. Shifting from internal IT hassles to a customer focus is a big piece of the puzzle. So is reaching millennials. Shoebacca shared why they took the early adoption risk with Acumatica Commerce. Up next: smarter forecasting.