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Enterprise blockchain update - Acronis Notary goes live, Hyperledger gains enthusiasts

The Acumatica Summit provided the first - but likely not the last - blockchain keynote demo of the year. This one had some legs, with live product from Acronis. I spoke to the Acronis team afterwards, and shot a quick video. My chat with two Hyperledger enthusiasts adds more on why 2017 is a big year for blockchain. Not for hype, but for proving use cases at scale.

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Welcome New Relic

New Relic joins diginomica's partner ranks, one of a new breed of tech vendors engaging with enterprise leaders eager to harness digital for business impact

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The CMO’s road from brand ambassador to customer champion

CMOs are in the middle of massive transition. The opportunity? Lead marketing into a key role championing customer experience. The danger? Get mired in operational duties - and left behind. Barb Mosher Zinck looks at a new CMO study, and shares the visions of leading CMOs.