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How Graybar Canada is changing their pricing game - with Infor's Pricing Science

At Inforum 2016, I nabbed an exclusive sit-down with Mike Boivin of Graybar Canada to learn about his experience with Infor's Pricing Science for Distribution. Boivin shared their early results, and challenges overcome. We talked about the fear managers have turning over pricing decisions to algorithms - and how to get that balance right.

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Enterprise hits and misses - financial software gets modern, and AI goes dark

In this edition: financial software nears closer to modernity, and Dinosaurs trample Unicorns (usually). Plus: the ethics, surprises, and dark side of AI (poker has fallen!). Customer service is bogging us down with useless "empathizers." Your whiffs include premature desolation, a Southwest (dis)service, and, of, course, bad Super Bowl commercials.

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cat-icon Out of the workhouse

Salesforce's Peter Coffee has had enough of apocalyptic thinking. It's time to think about creating partnership between technology to do the routinizable and the algorithmable, and people to do the trans-disciplinary and the relational.

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Enterprise hits and misses - AI exposes marketing, and automation exposes the jobs debate

In this edition: why AI exposes vendors who aren't ready, and why marketers aren't ready for AI. Plus: contrasting skeptics and optimists on robots on the robotic future of work. And yeah, we've got your Trump versus tech companies roundup. Your whiffs include robots outwitting captchas, HP doing the self-inflicted PR gaffe, and Facebook exploiting memories.