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Enterprise hits and misses - the future of automotive and the downside of multi-cloud

In this edition: the future of automotive - through a filter of clouds past. Plus: the downside of multi-cloud and the need for "data fluency." Data use cases, machine learning audits, and, yep, AI for community managers. Your whiffs include: more airline fiascos and the riveting excitement of the Microsoft-LinkedIn integration. Adam Sandler and Kenny G make their first hits/misses appearances.

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Enterprise hits and misses - marketing reckons with AI, hotels get Airbnb wake-up call

In this edition: marketing tech gets put to the AI field test, while hotels gear up for a pea-brained offensive against Airbnb. Plus: Slack gets called out, digital advertising gets exposed, and Delta forces United to move over in the fails race. Corporate creativity and low-code get a gut check. Your whiffs are bountiful, including - a whiff against myself?

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The path to integrating intelligence throughout the martech stack

Marketing and AI are going to get a heavy does of hype this year. But Barb Mosher Zinck does see some progress. Turns out that machine learning can help with of the most vexing martech problems: lead attribution. A more interesting play is coming: look out for the "integrated intelligence layer."

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How machine learning is shaking up e-commerce and customer engagement

Approaching e-commerce from a narrow transactional view doesn't work anymore. The e-commerce wins go to companies with better experiences and fewer shopping cart abandons. That's where machine learning can help - but how? Barb Mosher Zinck explores how Sitecore uses machine learning to change e-commerce, as well as digital marketing and content analysis.

Default Featured Image and the great enterprise productivity debate

A breezy PR email on workplace productivity ruffled my feathers. But my snarky response led me to a much more substantive debate with CEO Yaacov Cohen. He shared's latest machine learning/Outlook-based approach to easing worker distractions. Then we got into the problem of always-on workplace culture, notification noise, and what the modern worker is up against.

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Watson and the jobs potential of growing human

IBM’s augmented intelligence system is claimed to be 18 months ahead of other AI systems in being able to identify the nuances of what we really mean rather than what we write or click on in social media. Training it such arts could be one opportunity for the fabled new jobs AI is expected to create.