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IoT helps pump up the gas in Australia

Like most industries, gas stations use a motley collection of old and new technologies. A new breed of technologies is coming along to help operators get a more complete data picture.

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SAP Digital Customer Insight and beyond - SAP's data as a service plans unfold

Drawing on meetings and online inquiries, Dick Hirsch dons the investigator hat again to pursue SAP's data as a service moves in Digital Customer Insight and beyond. In the process, he makes a discovery: a new internal startup called SAP Business Data Network that reveals some of SAP's data as a service intentions, and how they compare with other companies such as Uber.

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Enterprise hits and misses - IoT security gets real, AI gets vertical

In this edition: IoT security gets real - and what to do about it. Plus AI gets vertical, and practical, as several smarties shine light on what AI can actually do in 2017 (and it ain't chatbots). U.S. ISPs get a problematic win over privacy, and the Oracle-wants-Accenture rumors get a roasting. Your whiffs include a dog that did, self-driving car infatuations, and my old stomping grounds - skewering music pirates and their philosophical defenders.

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Security threats on the IoT get real

According to a new report by the Information Security Forum, the digital-everything economy and fast-growing adoption of networked technologies such as the Internet of Things is creating a new raft of unprecedented new cyber-security threats. But are we all really going to hell in a handcart? Cath Everett talks to some experts.