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The IoT - chasing a public sector happy hunting-ground?

Despite all the buzz around the Internet of Things and some interesting public sector use cases, it is still a very immature market. So just where is the IoT at in terms of development and where does its greatest potential lie?

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Enterprise blockchain update - Acronis Notary goes live, Hyperledger gains enthusiasts

The Acumatica Summit provided the first - but likely not the last - blockchain keynote demo of the year. This one had some legs, with live product from Acronis. I spoke to the Acronis team afterwards, and shot a quick video. My chat with two Hyperledger enthusiasts adds more on why 2017 is a big year for blockchain. Not for hype, but for proving use cases at scale.

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cat-icon Out of the workhouse

Salesforce's Peter Coffee has had enough of apocalyptic thinking. It's time to think about creating partnership between technology to do the routinizable and the algorithmable, and people to do the trans-disciplinary and the relational.