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Don't think about IoT without UX design - a chat with Infiswift

UX for IoT raises some tricky questions. When we're designing for the Internet of Things, are we going for automation and eliminating a human UI entirely? And how do we account for the range of devices and industries? Those are some of the questions I got into with the IoT team from Infiswift.

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Automotive disruption revisited - the shift from car ownership to "mobile experiences"

Are automotive incumbents doing enough to anticipate the disruption that's coming? And why is that much-flogged term "big data" integral to new automotive business models? How will changes from ownership to on-demand autos impact urban planning? These are a few of the questions I posed to investor, blogger, and book author Evangelos Simoudis in our chat wrap.

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SAPPHIRENow 2017 - indirect access, a topic that refuses to die

Almost every conversation with SAP, its customers and partners had some tinge of indirect access. To its credit, SAP was up front about where it is at. User groups smell opportunity but each has a different approach. Customers are the ones who are left head scratching. We separate the noise from the signal on this discussion.

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Five Guys - a SAPPHIRENow assessment on day 2

Five guys get together to chew the fat about what we've seen at SAPPHIRENow 2017 so far. There has been plenty to consider and the odd surprise. Read on and watch as we assess this year's event.