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How Everseen applies AI and deep learning to Point of Sale, with a checkout-free future racing towards us

My retail reviews hit on the myths and realities of the omni-channel – now it’s time for AI and predictive. First up? Everseen, an Irish upstart and pioneer in AI Point of Sale technology. But as my talk with CEO Alan O’Herlihy shows, the next retail giant Everseen is set to take on is Amazon, as in Amazon Go. The checkout-free future of retail is firmly in Everseen’s sights.

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Enterprise hits and misses – the potential and limits of AI, and the cloud ambitions of Google

In this edition: grasping AI’s limits/possibilities through field lessons and use cases. Also: Google’s push to become an enterprise cloud player gets a close look at Google Cloud Next. International Women’s Day raises questions on women in tech progress. Your whiffs include bad PR promotions, an ill-fated BBC home interview, and the most jargon-infected blog post title of the year so far.

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