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Transition time for HireVue

With new management, a focus on interviewee assessments beyond video interviewing, HireVue is steeling itself for the next phase of its evolution and growth.  Here’s what that journey entails.

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Ceridian's affirmative analyst meeting

Ceridian impressed with consistent messaging along with clear evidence of delivery. It earns high praise in a market that's resplendent with 'me too' offerings.

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SAP's Business Beyond Bias ambitions - SuccessFactor's Patti Fletcher gives a live SAPPHIRENow update

SAP's Business Beyond Bias is one of its most compelling initiatives. The problems it aims to tackle are vital to modern business but hardly easy to solve. At Sapphire Now 2017, SAP SuccessFactor's Patti Fletcher dropped by diginomica's video studio to talk about the program and how transformational change can happen. We also got into how SAP is integrating this into products and why algorithms are both hopeful and troubling.