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How Brazilian startup Aegro plans to ease hunger with smart farming

One of the most inspiring videos we shot this year was a sit down with Pedro Dusso, co-founder of Aegro. Here's the story of how he and his friends built a startup to make a difference in the lives of Brazilian farmers - and how they built an award-winning solution on the SAP HANA platform.

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The so-called IT talent crisis - lessons and critique

I almost blew a fuse over the title of a new report on the so-called "talent crisis." But as I dug deeper, I found quite a bit to recommend, including specifics on how companies are recruiting from diverse talent pools.

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Talking Girls Who Code and women in tech with MongoDB

Each year, MongoDB has some cool surprises in store with their Girls Who Code partnership. At MongoDB World, I sat down with MongoDB's Meagan Eisenberg and Francesca Krihely for an update. They also shared stories of their own career obstacles, and the prospects for change.

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Finding balance in the post-Brexit era

As a tumultuous week in Europe concludes, Den pores over some of the numbers to see if he can find an answer to the threatened recessionary winter and its impact for technology.

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cat-icon The singularity is plural

Salesforce's Peter Coffee offers a singular analysis of the meaning of singularity and its key consequences.

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The autistic worker - an untapped talent pool for the tech industry

A number of IT companies are launching targeted recruitment drives to hire autistic people in a bid to plug the ever-widening technical skills gap. Software giant SAP is at the vanguard of such activity and, along with other experts, shares some of the lessons learned so far.