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Bring me a rock - and join the future of jobs debate!

Plenty of readers had spicy comments for Denis Pombriant's future of jobs and automation series. Now he issues a challenge: share your own view on where we go from here. He seeds the challenge with some provocative questions. Now it's up to us to "bring our rocks."

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Solving for the problem of work culture

Can culture help insulate business from commoditization or is the future of work tied to relentless commoditization. Culture is certainly an important component.

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Digital skills amidst bots and services - a diginomica best-of

At diginomica, we like to grapple with digital skills and services industry disruptions. We often find ourselves in the middle of debates over the gig economy or work futures. Here's my hand-picked best-of from our coverage of "The new professional and IT as a service."