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Alongside the emergence of the on-demand or gig economy, there is a pressing need to help people understand how the future of work means a need to refresh or learn new skills. That's proving much harder than it might at first seem and especially for those at the low end of the income/skills ladder.

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'We're doing it wrong' - Vandana Sikka on computer science education

The alarming lack of computer science educated students is only matched by the lack of teachers in this discipline. Vandana Sikka talks about how this problem could be solved, It will take time, effort, money and commitment. Infosys Foundation USA is working towards that goal.

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Black women in the workplace, 2016 - climbing a steep ladder

It is difficult enough for women to achieve equal status with men in the workplace. A recent study confirms what black women have known for many years - it is doubly difficult. Some employers though are demonstrating an enlightened approach to this specific inequality.