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Digital dystopia - but the future is human for responsible business

The digital revolution will inevitably create upsides and downsides, winners and losers. To mark ‘Responsible Business Week’, charity Business in the Community hosts a London-based event to explore what companies can do to ensure they make the right ethical choices – and why they should bother.

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Culture begats creativity - a gapingvoid perspective

Culture and creativity go hand in hand but what is the reality and is the notion of creative business a pipedream? Gapingvoid is optimistic but makes clear the need for significant change management. That starts at the top.

Default Featured Image and the great enterprise productivity debate

A breezy PR email on workplace productivity ruffled my feathers. But my snarky response led me to a much more substantive debate with CEO Yaacov Cohen. He shared's latest machine learning/Outlook-based approach to easing worker distractions. Then we got into the problem of always-on workplace culture, notification noise, and what the modern worker is up against.

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Hey road warrior - do you really need that laptop anyway?

The latest terror scare about laptops flying in the passenger cabin with their owners raises an interesting point: is it perhaps time for road warriors and the rest to do things a different way, and is that a real opportunity for cloud service providers?