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WEF 2017 - the changing nature of risk in a digital age

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report 2017 indicates that emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics are already starting to have a disruptive effect on society. So what can be done to reign in their most damaging potential effects?

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MOVE Guides - solving for the relocation and ex-pat space

In an era of increased globalization, relocation of key personnel is an important topic that has not received the attention it deserves from technology vendors. MOVE Guides and Papaya Global provide hints for how this often expensive and difficult process can be improved.

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Enterprise hits and misses - Trump's tech plan emerges, jobs morph into task platforms

In this edition: clues to Trump's tech plans emerge, though plenty of questions remain. And: jobs morph into "human intelligence platforms" as crowdworking takes hold. AI innovations, cloud migrations and agile-at-scale balance the darker side. Your whiffs include classless airlines, and Wendy's putting a social media detractor in his/her place.

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diginomica 2016 - Derek’s choice

The government’s digital progress faces some roadblocks, large enterprise use cases aplenty and an example of why companies should rethink their training processes.