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diginomica 2016 - Derek’s choice

The government’s digital progress faces some roadblocks, large enterprise use cases aplenty and an example of why companies should rethink their training processes.

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Digital skills amidst bots and services - a diginomica best-of

At diginomica, we like to grapple with digital skills and services industry disruptions. We often find ourselves in the middle of debates over the gig economy or work futures. Here's my hand-picked best-of from our coverage of "The new professional and IT as a service."

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Diversity programs and how to do them - some tips from tech leaders

Although employee diversity programmes are now pretty widespread as tech companies scrabble to tackle the ever-widening skills gap, the same is not true in relation to third party suppliers. But  large tech vendors such as IBM and Intel, which have been diligently working away in this space for years, have lots of lessons to share.