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Automotive disruption revisited - the shift from car ownership to "mobile experiences"

Are automotive incumbents doing enough to anticipate the disruption that's coming? And why is that much-flogged term "big data" integral to new automotive business models? How will changes from ownership to on-demand autos impact urban planning? These are a few of the questions I posed to investor, blogger, and book author Evangelos Simoudis in our chat wrap.

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Customer identity management has a big impact on customer experience

Customer Identity and Access Management is a bulky phrase, but the problems it tackles are real. Digital identity management has a direct impact on customer experience - and many older CRM systems are not up for the job. Barb Mosher Zinck explains how CX and identity management connect, with insights from a chat with Jason Rose, VP marketing at Gigya.

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Enterprise hits and misses - diginomica on cybersecurity, SAP and Salesforce on tour

In this edition: diginomica does cybersecurity, while AI alarmists meet an optimist. Salesforce has a world tour and SAP had a big show - we've got your breezy roundup. Grappling with workplace diversity is one theme this week; pizza is another. Food-related whiffs abound, with Pizza Hut asking for - and receiving - viral shaming. Finally, can AI ever make better music than the Biebs?

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Will Trump’s cyber-security Executive Order work?

It's been a busy week for President Trump, what with sacking the FBI Director, hosting a Russian government photo opp in the Oval Office, as as personally inventing a business phrase that dates back to the Great Depression. But there's still time for another Executive Order, this time around cyber-security.