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Oracle Fusion – Debra Lilley’s perspective

April 14, 2014 | Seasoned Oracle consultant Debra Lilley provides her perspective on Fusion applications and Oracle's cloud efforts. It's all looking good. Read more [...]

Return on HANA investment – two SAP partners weigh in

March 28, 2014 | | 10 Comments Return on data is far from easy. Here's video and analysis on how two SAP partners are getting it done for HANA customers. Read more [...]

SAP Investor Symposium – the verdict

February 4, 2014 | | 45 Comments SAP was at its most aggressive in many a year at its 2014 investor symposium. Does it have the cajones to make the required cloud transition? Perhaps. Read more [...]

Shameless plug – ThingMonk is coming.

November 28, 2013 | We're big fans of RedMonk and the bespoke industry events that it runs, the latest of which - ThingMonk - is next week in London and built around the fabled Internet of Things. Read more [...]

SAP User Group Conference: rumours of death greatly exaggerated

November 25, 2013 | Rumours of death around Business ByDesign, but is poor communication to be blamed as SAP continues the transition to the cloud? Read more [...]

The thorny problem of developer relations

November 23, 2013 | | 2 Comments Keen eyed observers believe the winning entry in Salesforce's $1 million hackathon didn't comply with Salesforce's own entry regulations. It has stirred a hornet's nest that provide lessons for the future. Read more [...]

Back to the Future – the Dreamforce sequel

November 23, 2013 | | 4 Comments As Salesforce co-founder Parker Harris invoked the spirit of Back to the Future at this year's Dreamforce, what was HP's Meg Whitman up to? Read more [...]

Into Tomorrow’s World – SAP UKI user group conference preview

November 21, 2013 | SAP UK and Ireland user group conference kicks off at the weekend. Here are some of the questions that attendees might consider asking. Read more [...]

Making sense of Salesforce R&D

November 20, 2013 | | 4 Comments Salesforce is making a big deal out of its R&D efforts and specifically Salesforce1. Is it the road to world peace or a work-in-progress? Read more [...]

Dreamforce: WalMart activists have designs on Marissa Mayer

November 20, 2013 | Lessons I learned at this year's Dreamforce: design is important - even when it’s designing a protest about one of the world's biggest capitalist brands. Who did I learn this from? Two CEOs who head up a couple of the tech industry's best known brands. Frankly I wasn't expecting that one. Read more [...]

Understanding the Salesforce-HP relationship

November 20, 2013 | Digging into the HP-Salesforce relationship to understand why any copmany would wish to burden themselves with a problem that Salesforce takes care of today. Read more [...]

Dreamforce: toothbrushes, time travel and Ellison in absentia

November 19, 2013 | Apparently the largest inflatable structure ever commissioned in North America. Huey Lewis and the News filled with The Power of Love at 9am. Sean Penn and the Prime Minister of Haiti. And what can only be assumed to be a very expensive pair of bespoke Louboutin sneakers AKA the cloud walkers. Read more [...]

Salesforce opens new front against SAP/Oracle as it ups forecast

November 18, 2013 | is positioning itself to seriously attack the SAP/Oracle incumbancy. It is doing this on two distinct fronts: ecosystem and a partnership with HP. Read more [...]

Dreamforce: outages, earnings and where the punters are spending

November 17, 2013 | | One Comment So, sat here on Dreamforce-eve - it’s a new national holiday up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve! - there are a couple of things to mention before the mayhem really kicks off. Read more [...]

Where all roads in business lead to Windows

November 8, 2013 | Microsoft's business solutions unit has a strategy that encourages enterprises to standardize on Windows 8 devices. Will it last? Read more [...]