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Uber's UK Tribunal problem - another take

My discussion of the Uber Tribunal case in London caused something of a stir. Here is a fresh take that looks in further detail at the judgment and its ramifications.

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Data alone doesn’t provide insights, data connections do

Barb Mosher Zinck issues a corrective: we don't need data; we need connected data. She makes her case with two scenarios. One involves breaking down data silos for a "360" view of the customer. The other addresses the thorniest of marketing analytics problems - lead attribution. In each case, we have real world examples to consider.

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Effective change management amidst digital transformation - a keynote review

To kick off Controlling 2016, keynote speaker Kevin Reilly urged the audience to embrace change management if they want their projects to succeed. Success is not go-live, and change means surprisingly tough decisions on talent and project accountability. Reilly tied these themes into the digital questions companies are facing today. But is digital transformation real - or clever repackaging?

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Silicon Collar - a book review

Vinnie Mirchandani has produced a thought provoking book on the impact of machines in the modern world. He poses important questions but doesn't always leave us with answers. Even so, this is an important addition to the discourse on 21st century technology impacts.