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Enterprise hits and misses - collaboration gets ready for prime time, and innovation is BS

In this edition - the collaboration market heats up, and the founder of Linux calls BS on tech "innovation." Weekend news steals the show, with SAP winning an indirect access court case with a bitter aftertaste. Uber gets called out for by a female ex-employee, and Yahoo is an open door - for customer data. Whiffs include, appropriately enough, the BS awards, and a fun/awkward email exchange.

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Less disruption, more transformation

Beware the shiny new digital toy, warns Denis Pombriant. Beyond the "gospel of gizmodo" lies a better approach to digital transformation - one that's grounded in lasting change. And yes, a new human-machine interface.

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Uber's UK Tribunal problem - another take

My discussion of the Uber Tribunal case in London caused something of a stir. Here is a fresh take that looks in further detail at the judgment and its ramifications.