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Account-based marketing III - metrics, post-acquisition support and relationships

In the final installment of her Account-Based Marketing series, Barb ties up some vital loose ends, including expert takes on how you measure success, and which metrics count. She pulls in expert views on the problem of sales-marketing collaboration, and asks you, the reader, for your feedback on where we go on ABM from here.

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The tactics, content and technology behind account-based marketing

Account-based marketing means taking sales and marketing teamwork to another level. In the second part of her series, Barb Mosher Zinck looks at the tactics required to get ABM off the ground. She quotes experts who've been down this road, and illustrates a sample ABM stack.

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Enterprise UX futures - the good, the mind-bending, and the manipulative

Enterprise UX design has made big progress - but not so fast. The future of UX is rushing towards us, with AI, bots, voice, and wearables sending designers back to basic training. Then there's the design temptation of manipulating consumers. I take a look ahead - and hand out some informal 2016 UX awards.

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CXM - looking back and forward to 2017

Why have customer experience platforms raised as many problems as they've solved? Why does personalization at scale remain elusive? How will AI impact personalization efforts? Barb Mosher Zinck explores as she looks back and ahead at CXM. Some of the smartest folks in the industry chimed in.

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The CMO’s road from brand ambassador to customer champion

CMOs are in the middle of massive transition. The opportunity? Lead marketing into a key role championing customer experience. The danger? Get mired in operational duties - and left behind. Barb Mosher Zinck looks at a new CMO study, and shares the visions of leading CMOs.

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Influencer marketing - the myths and the tech

As brands struggle for attention, influencer marketing matters more than ever. The tools to manage influencers are plentiful - but you won't get far until you bust through these myths.