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How much marketing automation capability do you really need?

The martech vendor space is a recipe for brain freeze. 212 vendors - 66 of them new on the scene in 2017. How can a marketing department possibly make sense of this vendor overload? Barb Mosher Zinck shares data on where the priorities fall, and gives her take on a sane/judicious use of these tools.

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How machine learning is shaking up e-commerce and customer engagement

Approaching e-commerce from a narrow transactional view doesn't work anymore. The e-commerce wins go to companies with better experiences and fewer shopping cart abandons. That's where machine learning can help - but how? Barb Mosher Zinck explores how Sitecore uses machine learning to change e-commerce, as well as digital marketing and content analysis.

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Digital ad scandals and ad blockers are undermining online ads - but what happens next?

Scandals and uncertainty have rocked the online ad industry, raising questions for advertisers on value versus cost. Facebook and Google are hogging the growth, leaving publishers and their ad clients with uncertain futures. But what are the alternatives? And when will readers get fed up with invasive, ad-heavy UX? Yes, gory screen shots are included.

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Welcome to Deskera

Let us introduce you to Deskera, the latest cloud ERP vendor to become a diginomica premier partner

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Digital media disruptions XVI - personalization, talent, and the platform dilemma

In this edition of digital media disruptions: why publishers are painfully hooked on third party platforms, and what we can learn from their dilemma. Plus: personalization pitfalls and the problem of algorithmic content. We also examine what enterprises can learn from HBO's approach to talent, culture and business model change.