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Analytics for the sake of reporting is no longer enough

Traditional web analytics tell a story, but it’s a partial story in the rear-view. That doesn’t cut it anymore. Personalized experiences and getting a full data view of a customer requires new tools and fresh thinking. Barb Mosher Zinck takes a closer look at the state of marketing analytics, and what it will take to get to “digital intelligence.”

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MongoDB shares the impact of advocate marketing and content ROI

MongoDB World was the site of the most illuminating conversations on advocate marketing and content ROI I’ve had this year. Here’s what I learned from MongoDB’s Francesca Krihely and Meagan Eisenberg about their advocate marketing adventures, and how their approach to attribution has led to a new relationship with the sales team.

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Best of digital and content marketing – a diginomica review

Digital marketing is at a crossroads: analytics tools measure results but achieving those results is the problem. The change that lies in the way – and what companies are doing about it – is the focus of diginomica’s digital and content marketing topic section. Here’s my selections from the diginomica team – along with a few picks across the web.

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