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The price of throttling the Internet

In the Arab Spring, totalitarian rulers found the OFF switch for their country’s Internet. Now it seems the US government has found the dimmer switch, but at what cost to the country?

Warning: EU’s PRISM exploitation will cost US $35bn

The US-based Information Technology and Innovation Foundation suspect the Europeans will use PRISM to undermine the cloud industry in America. But it reckons some more information on what data is being collected will placate the worriers! Wanna bet?

Strategies: Middlesex University’s got digital mail!

How far can you drive paper out of an educational establishment? Middlesex University in the UK is on a digital journey that’s putting that question to the test right now – with lessons to be learned for both the public and private sector.

The future of cities: Cape Town’s CIO discusses

In this second video shot with Cape Town’s CIO, we discuss the future of cities, the kinds of initiatives they have under way and how they see the future of IT as an enabler of ensuring that cities function well going into a resource constrained environment.

The US, the EU and the outbreak of cloud war

With PRISM, the US government is effectively providing ammunition to those whose own self-interest and political ambition are unlikely to be most supportive of the US – or  indeed the global – cloud services provider market.

The SIC-ness undermining the digital economy

A popular view of the UK digital economy is that it is small, dominated by start-ups and delivers low revenue and low employment. Not true, says an interesting new report which argues that the UK digital economy is being misunderstood by both business and policy makers thanks to reliance on a 68 year old method of measurement.

Is there Life On Mars for digital justice?

Three months late and hardly adorned with bells and whistles, the UK Ministry of Justice rolled out is first Digital by Default service. What else is in the pipeline and when might we see evidence that there is Life on Mars on the MOJ?

On Standards in the Cloud

Ben Kepes riffs on Phil Wainewright’s discussion about the setting of cloud standards. Who is correct? Is there a third alternative? You decide.

Cat among the government IT pigeons

Since the Coalition government  took power in the UK in 2010, there’s been a new swear word in Whitehall ICT circles – oligopoly. Now the Office of Fair Trading is poking its nose in. This should be fun.