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Digital economies driven by global open data

Europe is following the US lead on open data in a digital government age with the European Parliament implementing new rules designed to ensure that non-personal information hoarded by governments can be accessed cheaply and used to make new applications.

Driving digital Down Under

It’s clearly a week for dusting down those old digital nation strategies and giving them a lick of paint. Australia’s national government – with an eye to forthcoming elections – has beefed up its own policies. But to what effect?

The BBC and the digital walking dead

The BBC’s Digital Media Initiative (DMI) may have been officially killed off, but it’s proving to be the digital transformation project that won’t lie down dead.

Government paces cloud development in China

The Chinese government is supporting investment in cloud and mobile infrastructure to overcome the country’s bandwidth and capacity constraints. Smart cities and other civil projects are bidding for funds but grassroots usage may drive future adoption.

It’s getting cloudy Down Under

The Australian Government is the latest national legislature to produce its own cloud computing strategy closely linked to digital economy ambitions. But how far will forthcoming elections in the country either validate or disrupt current thinking.

Digital government scores on both sides of The Pond

The US government’s celebrating the first birthday of its Digital Strategy, while the UK government’s crediting its Digital by Default policy for saving £0.5 billion so far. Digital success stories from both sides of the Atlantic?

The geopolitics of government cloud

The move by Oracle and Salesforce to create cloud data centers specifically targeted at UK G-Cloud contracts signals how government cloud initiatives around the world will evolve.

Is G-Cloud really on amber alert?

A new Major Projects Authority report has flagged up G-Cloud as having Amber/Red status – potential for trouble ahead in other words. Does some rethinking need to be done?