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Come friendly data centers and fall on Slough

Slough is fast becoming the UK’s first stop for cloud services firms wanting an in-country data center as follows VMware in opening up its operation there, with plans to move to France and Germany next.

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NIST and the cloudwashing of client-server SaaS

Client-server SaaS doesn’t comply with the NIST definition of cloud SaaS and should be deleted from anyone’s CloudStore – especially G-Cloud. Let me spell out exactly why it’s just so much SoSaaS

US and UK don’t lead in digital government, says Accenture

A new Accenture study finds that Singapore, Norway and the United Arab Emirates rank first, second and third, respectively, ahead of the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Germany and South Korea when it comes to digital government.

Happy birthday G-Cloud!

We can’t let today slip by without sending birthday greetings to the UK government’s G-Cloud program.