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A red tape-wrapped rant at Europe’s flawed cloud thinking

I’m incredibly sceptical about the efforts from the European Commission to create a ‘European Cloud’, fearing as I do that the ongoing PRISM scandal is being exploited to support a political agenda in Europe. Here’s the latest document from the Commission which makes me rather annoyed.

Challenging the orthodoxy – Amazon v IBM

Amazon has won the latest round in its battle to be awarded a cloud infrastructure contract. IBM’s challenge is thrown out. What does this mean for vendors going forward?

Digital democracy and reinventing government

“We ain’t seen nothing yet. That’s why I stick around in this political world.” Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governor of California, has strong digital government ambitions.

No credit for UK government universal benefits IT

The UK government’s flagship Universal Credit program is intended to be a shining example of its digital thinking in practice. But a new watchdog report seems to suggest more of the traditional bad old ways of working.