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Taking action against the “abusive” IT provider

Some IT suppliers to government are accused of “appalling” behaviour and conducting an “abusive” relationship with their public sector paymasters. Them’s fighting words from a senior government official.

A G-Cloud open letter from the UK to the world

My eye was taken today by the publication of an open letter from a variety of G-Cloud supporting vendors to Tony Singleton, the current head of the G-Cloud programme within the UK’s Government Digital Service team. The letter offers a series of suggestions for how the Framework needs to evolve to meet growing demand as the public sector cloud market matures.

NSA nixed Boeing deal? Nah but it’s a good headline

Did the spat between Brazil and the US over NSA revelations of spying impact an important defense contract? Some might wish that was the case but when you dig a little deeper then the economics speak for themselves.