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It’s getting cloudy Down Under

The Australian Government is the latest national legislature to produce its own cloud computing strategy closely linked to digital economy ambitions. But how far will forthcoming elections in the country either validate or disrupt current thinking.

Digital government scores on both sides of The Pond

The US government’s celebrating the first birthday of its Digital Strategy, while the UK government’s crediting its Digital by Default policy for saving £0.5 billion so far. Digital success stories from both sides of the Atlantic?

The geopolitics of government cloud

The move by Oracle and Salesforce to create cloud data centers specifically targeted at UK G-Cloud contracts signals how government cloud initiatives around the world will evolve.

Is G-Cloud really on amber alert?

A new Major Projects Authority report has flagged up G-Cloud as having Amber/Red status – potential for trouble ahead in other words. Does some rethinking need to be done?

I left my data in San Francisco

Central government in the US and the UK is wielding its open data stick, but how does this translate to local and regional level? San Francisco is setting an interesting pace for others to follow.

Open data must drive digital

A week after President Barack Obama issued an Open Data mandate for the US federal sector, the UK government’s independent review into the same subject has resulted in an urgent call for a national data strategy in order to empower a wider open data agenda.

Diagnosing the digital doctor

Across Europe there’s a productive debate underway about the future of the healthcare industry in a digital economy, but will Brussels get it right?

Dealing with the digital deficit

Over 25 million people in the UK can’t or won’t use online channels. That’s storing up a heap of trouble for a nation that claims to want to move to a digital economy.

Open data hope and change?

Obama makes open data a must for US government agencies to boost digital government and private sector developers.

Digital Decision Maker: Denise McDonagh

As G-Cloud programme director within the UK Cabinet Office, McDonagh is pushing through a paradigm shift in public sector ICT procurement and deployment. But can she get the Luddites into digital champions?

Has G-Cloud really been a success?

With the third generation of its core framework now live, just how successful has the G-Cloud programme really been? Depends how you define success basically.

Government cloud needs a big stick!

If you’re in UK central government you’re now going to need a damn good reason not to be using public cloud. But does the Cloud First mandate go far enough?



Digital diagnosis: vital signs good

Now here’s a thing – the so-called ‘Facebook-generation’ of digital natives get just as wound up about the confidentiality of their medical data as anyone else. What a digital dilemma!