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Now is the time to get your skills sharpened for tomorrow’s occupations

It’s our collective responsibility to ensure innovation benefits all of us and not just those who currently work in the tech sector, because all of the UK will benefit from proper training and skills enhancement, says Salesforce’s Gavin Mee.

“Get big, get focused, or get out” – twice as true today

It’s a myth that all cloud platforms are equal. There are generalists and there are specialists. UKCloud’s Cloud Strategist Bill Mew shares his views on why a specialist is needed for the health and care sector.

We need a grown-up debate on data localisation rules without self-interest on show

The Information Technology Innovation Foundation – backed by Silicon Valley’s finest – recently hit out at the perils of data localisation rules. UKCloud’s Nicky Stewart detects more than a little self-interest on display in its recommendations for change.

Cutting through the static around AI

Six months ago, Salesforce’s Peter Coffee asked and made a real effort to answer the question “Why AI now?”. Flash forward to today and the question might be “What AI next?”.

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