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Gearing up for G-Cloud 9: advice for winning digital business in government

Getting onto the G-Cloud framework is the easy part. Winning business is another matter. Nicky Stewart, UKCloud’s Commercial Director, offers some advice.

Putting customer centricity at the heart of public sector services

With mobile, social and cloud technologies driving the way we live, work and interact across all areas of life, public sector organisations can adopt the same tech as businesses to engage more closely with citizens and employees. Gavin Mee, Senior Vice President, Enterprise, at Salesforce, shines a light on how technology can overhaul local government’s service delivery.

What links NASA, the humble spud, disaster relief and ERP?

Knowing how funds are spent is crucial for non-profits. Unit4’s Ton Dobbe explains how it’s helping an innovative NASA project and enhancing disaster relief

Lock-in starts to surpass security as main cloud concern

With concerns around security in the cloud addressed, what are the main remaining barriers to adoption? UKCloud’s Bill Mew seeks some answers.

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