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Sergeant Pepper’s Transformation Agenda

Lessons from Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Salesforce’s Peter Coffee finds much to consider.

Government innovation should be intrinsic at every level

Innovation can happen in all corners of government, and grassroots ideas can quickly sprout, helping build an inclusive culture of learning and critical thinking, says Salesforce’s Gavin Mee.

A buyer’s guide to assessing the real price of cloud providers

Scale and knocked down list prices shouldn’t be the only things that buyers look out for when purchasing IaaS for technology projects. Bill Mew, cloud strategist at UKCloud, offers tips on the red flags of cloud contracts.

Du Mu on the mountain

What makes for a successful pivot by a challenged incumbent, enabling (in rare cases) continued leadership through more than one major epoch of an industry? Lessons from the Art of War.

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