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What links NASA, the humble spud, disaster relief and ERP?

Knowing how funds are spent is crucial for non-profits. Unit4’s Ton Dobbe explains how it’s helping an innovative NASA project and enhancing disaster relief

Lock-in starts to surpass security as main cloud concern

With concerns around security in the cloud addressed, what are the main remaining barriers to adoption? UKCloud’s Bill Mew seeks some answers.

7 ways digital assistants and AI will help transform public services

Digital assistants and artificial intelligence could transform public services. Unit4’s Mark Gibbison sets out seven ways they will help

Mind the skills gap…. how can the public sector attract and retain top tech talent?

The digital skills gap is not just a private sector issue, argues Andrew Lawson, UKI MD, Salesforce; all organisations must appeal to today’s emerging workforce – on multiple levels.

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