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How Colony American Finance uses data and cloud BI to punch above their weight

Who isn't a "data-driven" business these days? At Domapalooza 2017, I met a Domo customer that's walking the walk. Colony American Finance CIO Matthew March shared how lean IT helps them excel. It's also a cloud BI story, moving from spreadsheet chaos to business actions. March has numbers to back it up - including a 100 percent company-wide adoption rate.

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Brewing cultural change at AB InBev

ABI is on a journey of infusing innovation into every part of the organization. That requires a significant degree of cultural change. Here's how they're doing it.

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Marketing automation is personal, contextual and mobile - Scondoo’s story

Marketing automation is still on the buzzword treadmill. But too often, "automation" ends up being too automated, and not personalized to our device and priorities. In this use case with marketing automation vendor Kahuna, Barb Mosher Zinck tells a tale of marketing automation done right - and what we can learn from Scondoo about how to truly personalize our services.