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SUSE and Red Hat proclaim OpenStack’s maturity and match fitness

If the majority of large enterprises need mature systems on which to run their businesses rather than the sex-drugs-and-rock’n’roll of technology’s bleeding edges, then SUSE and Red Hat, the producers of the two main distributions of OpenStack, are ready to tell you it is now very much fit for that purpose

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Can become the Github of enterprise data sharing?

The world is awash in data but most of it buried away in hard to find or inaccessible places—researchers’ hard drives, private servers or obscure web sites—or it is in formats that are difficult to work with. aims to change that one dataset at a time.   

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NoSQL, MySQL, and the database as commodity debate - Severalnines weighs in

Sometimes a good argument brings its own rewards. Such was the case with database management vendor Severalnines, who sent me a sharply-worded pitch about a database-as-commodity debate I started with MariaDB. Severalnines CEO Vinay Joosery brought a different take, questioning the revenge of SQL and raising the issue of cloud lock-in.

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OpenStack Summit - Edward Snowden, open source and the power of 'The Collective'

The appearance – in telecast form – of information liberator-in-chief, Edward Snowden, at the OpenStack Summit raised more applause than hackles, and his views on the role of the open source community as a collective protector of people and defence against government and corporate actions, struck some loud bells with many in the audience.

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Can visualizations change policy? How IHME shares public health data at scale

Sharing public health care data sounds straightforward. But when you're trying to do it visually at massive scale, that's another matter entirely. At the MariaDB user conference, I got the inside view of how IHME powers its interactive health visualizations from Andrew Ernst. It's a story of open source tools, including MariaDB ColumnStore, and the attempt to turn data into lasting change.