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NoSQL, MySQL, and the database as commodity debate - Severalnines weighs in

Sometimes a good argument brings its own rewards. Such was the case with database management vendor Severalnines, who sent me a sharply-worded pitch about a database-as-commodity debate I started with MariaDB. Severalnines CEO Vinay Joosery brought a different take, questioning the revenge of SQL and raising the issue of cloud lock-in.

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Database Wars 2017 - the t-shirts are coming!

The 'Little Database That Thinks It Can' is still talking big, looking at a world where developer love and business interest in data apps can give it a long-term future. One grizzled and scarred survivor of the 'Database War-To-End-All-Wars' contemplates a fresh outbreak of conflict.

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Talking Girls Who Code and women in tech with MongoDB

Each year, MongoDB has some cool surprises in store with their Girls Who Code partnership. At MongoDB World, I sat down with MongoDB's Meagan Eisenberg and Francesca Krihely for an update. They also shared stories of their own career obstacles, and the prospects for change.

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Talking operations 2.0 - how UPS disrupted itself by acquiring i-parcel

When UPS acquired i-parcel, it wasn't a typical talent and code extraction. At MongoDB World 2016, UPS i-store's Yursil Kidwai told me how they moved from acquisition to innovation driver inside UPS. That journey also involves a move to MongoDB, and what Kidwai and his team call operations 2.0.