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Enterprise hits and misses – the future of automotive and the downside of multi-cloud

In this edition: the future of automotive – through a filter of clouds past. Plus: the downside of multi-cloud and the need for “data fluency.” Data use cases, machine learning audits, and, yep, AI for community managers. Your whiffs include: more airline fiascos and the riveting excitement of the Microsoft-LinkedIn integration. Adam Sandler and Kenny G make their first hits/misses appearances.

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Can visualizations change policy? How IHME shares public health data at scale

Sharing public health care data sounds straightforward. But when you’re trying to do it visually at massive scale, that’s another matter entirely. At the MariaDB user conference, I got the inside view of how IHME powers its interactive health visualizations from Andrew Ernst. It’s a story of open source tools, including MariaDB ColumnStore, and the attempt to turn data into lasting change.

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