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How Coach improved visual merchandising through digitization

Enterprises have learned the hard way that manual processes don't scale. The hope is that digitization can solve that - but that's not always the case. Barb Mosher Zinck shares how Coach's smart use of collaboration tech has enabled them to manage the physical presentation of 1,000 global stores.

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Enterprise hits and misses - Microsoft Teams, Slack screams, and Oracle closes... NetSuite

In this edition: Microsoft announces Teams, Slack freaks out, and collaboration turns a corner. Oracle's pursuit of NetSuite is (mercifully) over, but the UK fallout from Brexit and Uber isn't. Smart ideas provide an antidote to security hack hype. Your whiffs include a couple of bloggers who left two ingredients - effort and passion - out of their writing recipe this time around.

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Walmart’s experiment - increased pay

Walmart's efforts to compete have always been predicated on minimizing cost. It backfired in 2012-13 and the company has had to course correct, paying its employees more as a way of revitalizing customer service.