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Nutanix on IBM Power hardware - a gamble by both parties?

The addition of IBM and its range of Power-based servers to the Nutanix partner world  is most intriguing, not least because the top of that range is the mainframe, and they can run up to 8,000 Linux VMs simultaneously. With a target market of big data analytics it could yet make an interesting prospect.

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Database Wars 2017 - the t-shirts are coming!

The 'Little Database That Thinks It Can' is still talking big, looking at a world where developer love and business interest in data apps can give it a long-term future. One grizzled and scarred survivor of the 'Database War-To-End-All-Wars' contemplates a fresh outbreak of conflict.

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Why you might need bare naked motherboards in oil

Putting servers in oil seems ready-made to provoke questions such as 'Would you like fries with that?’ But Dutch start-up, Asperitas, is using the oil to cool the servers not cook them, is doing it in a way that has a lot of long-term economic arguments in its favour, and is maybe arriving just as new technologies come along that could exploit it