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Why you might need bare naked motherboards in oil

Putting servers in oil seems ready-made to provoke questions such as ‘Would you like fries with that?’ But Dutch start-up, Asperitas, is using the oil to cool the servers not cook them, is doing it in a way that has a lot of long-term economic arguments in its favour, and is maybe arriving just as new technologies come along that could exploit it

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A deep dive into SAP Hybris YaaS microservices

In part two of Dick Hirsch’s series on enterprise microservices, Hirsch takes the reader on an illustrated dive into the SAP Hybris YaaS microservices approach. Crunching data from SAP Hybris, Hirsch analyzes SAP’s microservices release schedules and patterns. He also reflects on how microservices might impact S/4HANA, and the SAP Cloud Platform.

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