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FinancialForce’s next act

Denis Pombriant offers an alternative perspective about FinancialForce. It is rooted in the focus on vertical markets.

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S/4HANA cloud customers emerge - a video review and analysis

At Sapphire Now, we had a couple of S/4HANA Cloud customers drop by the studio. Their stories shed light on how customers are using the S/4HANA Cloud, including the notable impact of extensibility on the SAP Cloud Platform. They didn't, however, settle a debate on whether S/4HANA Cloud was downplayed at this year's event.

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FinancialForce signs another hot shot, appoints Fred Studer as CMO

Fred Studer brings a refreshing and enthusiastic approach to marketing in a product segment that has not been known for marketing innovation. He has grand plans and a focus on customer storytelling. This aligns closely with our view of 21st century technology marketing.

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Can QuickBooks Online crack the UK SMB market?

Intuit's first UK customer event, QuickBooks Connect attracted a sizable crowd that appeared mostly to be millennials and Gen Y people. Does QuickBooks hold enough to crack that demanding market?