The special effect of desktop-as-a-service to the monster makers at Jellyfish Pictures


The space and power needed to run a fleet of high-end professional workstations was cramping Jellyfish’s style – so the London-based visual special effects (VFX) company decided to try a new, cloud-based approach.

Play time is over for the public sector, says digital government guru Dominic Campbell

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.25.21

The world as we knew it is gone and with it the big bad expensive ways of delivering government. Now is the time for change. For new delivery models but equally new ways of designing our public services, fit for the future not held back by the past.

Whiffing on O2′s Be More Dog

how dog are you

Viz is slow out the gate but now takes a comic look at O2′s Be More Dog campaign with hilarious results. Only a telco could attract this kind of attention…or maybe a bank?