Cath Everett
Cath Everett has been a journalist and editor for more than 20 years focusing on business, human resources and technology issues.

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Digital dystopia - but the future is human for responsible business

The digital revolution will inevitably create upsides and downsides, winners and losers. To mark ‘Responsible Business Week’, charity Business in the Community hosts a London-based event to explore what companies can do to ensure they make the right ethical choices – and why they should bother.

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Security threats on the IoT get real

According to a new report by the Information Security Forum, the digital-everything economy and fast-growing adoption of networked technologies such as the Internet of Things is creating a new raft of unprecedented new cyber-security threats. But are we all really going to hell in a handcart? Cath Everett talks to some experts.

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Technology for social good - The Level Market

Technology can undoubtedly be used as a force for social good, and one organisation trying to facilitate that is the Nominet Trust.Cath Everett picks out three examples of best practice, beginning with The Level Market.

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The IoT - chasing a public sector happy hunting-ground?

Despite all the buzz around the Internet of Things and some interesting public sector use cases, it is still a very immature market. So just where is the IoT at in terms of development and where does its greatest potential lie?