Cath Everett
Cath Everett has been a journalist and editor for more than 20 years focusing on business, human resources and technology issues.

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Youth and experience - ageism in the tech industry

The tech industry is perceived as being incredibly ageist. But just how much is perception and how much reality? Cath Everett explores the issues in the first of a series of articles on older workers in tech.

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Open data and the war on hunger - a challenge to be met

According to Andre Laperriere, executive director of the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition initiative, the private sector has a significant, if so far largely unacknowledged, role to play in solving the seemingly intractable problem of world hunger.

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Digital dystopia - but the future is human for responsible business

The digital revolution will inevitably create upsides and downsides, winners and losers. To mark ‘Responsible Business Week’, charity Business in the Community hosts a London-based event to explore what companies can do to ensure they make the right ethical choices – and why they should bother.