diginomica.com is a new type of media property that seeks to differentiate based upon two main things:

  1. The business model is based upon meaningful partnerships between the vendor community and editorial experts.
  2. A deeply experienced team of practitioners, consultants, analysts and content creators.

The 21st century buyer is very different to that which existed in the past. Today’s buyer is just as likely to be a line of business manager as it is an IT specialist. The diginomica founders believe the new and emerging class of buyer is not well served by mass technology media.

We believe that the old world of advertising driven media models is dead and is currently in zombie mode. The relentless drive to attracting ever more eyeballs creates a race to the bottom where dwindling revenue squeezes publishers who in turn demand more content for less. It is a self defeating model because there is no attention paid to the value of anyone’s attention. The drive to ever higher page views becomes dependent upon two things – a ton of content and content creators who are driven by the catchiest headline.

We believe this is wrong at multiple levels. It certainly does little to serve the needs of hard pressed buyers who want high quality, reliable information delivered on any device as part of their decision making process.

Even where attention spans are reducing, content should be sufficiently attractive in its own right that readers are prepared to invest their valuable time in consuming content. We do not believe the current models allow for that.

On the other hand, the traditional analyst approach doesn’t serve either. The analyst community has locked itself into a model that has atrophied. They do not provide the information snapshots required by today’s busy decision maker. Instead, they have become ‘tick box’ providers of expensive reports that are frequently out of date and often inaccurate.


diginomica wants to fill that gap, providing rich, informed reportage and opinion based upon our daily contact with buyers and practitioners.

At the same time, vendors have a wealth of experience among their customers. They know what works and what doesn’t. They have knowledge stores around vertical markets and business processes that rarely get surfaced in a meaningful way.

We believe that a true partnership, which involves a degree of knowledge transfer between partners and content producers, elevates the conversations that buyers want and into which vendors can provide invaluable insights. We actively encourage those conversations through comment and content.

We also believe in the value of strong, fact and experience based opinion forming. Each of the co-founders bring a wealth of experience sifting out the things that buyers don’t need to know, concentrating on getting to the nub of a topic. Our partners come into this knowing our reputations, understanding where we draw the lines of independence and respecting our right to criticise where appropriate. Equally, as content producers, we know that buyers don’t want to see a constant stream of negativity. Anyone can do that. Accordingly, when we see good things then we say so.

We believe that this careful balance provides the basis for long term, useful relationships that lead to an added value into which our readers want to participate.

Over and above all this, diginomica believes in transparency. Hence we ensure that readers can readily distinguish between that content which we provide and that which comes from partners. We also hold the right to edit incoming partner copy where we feel that it is not adding value. We do however encourage calls to action because those are the ways by which potential buyers can discover more information from vendors.

We also believe in supporting the interests of small, startup style businesses. They are the future lifeblood of the technology industry and need to attract a share of voice that is often denied them by larger mass media.

Wherever possible, we answer all and any questions put to us except where those questions impinge upon our commercial relationships with partners.