Weekend rant: Yahoo! trending – isn’t, is it?

Frank Scavo has been somewhat fed up with Yahoo! recently. I don’t blame him:

I wondered what he was on about until I visited Yahoo!’s US home page this morning:

yahoo trending

When Frank was bemoaning Yahoo! there were only two offending items. I count four on the image I just clipped – if you count the impact of the horses viagra link. And you really, really must look up horses viagra – so appropriate the day after St. Valentines. <cough>

Is this an aberration? No it’s not. Check the next image, clipped from the home page of Yahoo!’s UK site:

yahoo uk trending I count three pimped keywords. English only sites? Au contraire – the fun continues:

yahoo spain trnedingI’m counting two and a half if you kinda discount no.5 and/or no.8.

I’ve given up complaining about advertising. Like most people I know, I’m conditioned to tuning it out. But when I see stories co-mingled with advertising then I have to wonder whether Yahoo!’s business model has any hope of survival. I mean, do they take their readers for complete idiots or what? Is this indicative of a last throw of the dice in a race to the bottom?

I’m sure Yahoo! will argue that they’re only exposing what they believe to be material that’s trending and I suppose you can sort of get away with it in a world where real programming is what serves to fill in the space between advertising.

But then I wonder what someone visiting from another galaxy would make of the human condition if their first experience was Yahoo! Trending.

Den Howlett
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Den Howlett


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Den Howlett
  • greg_not_so says:

    dahowlett.. no accounting for stock pickers’ taste” < it does pay to be an activist shareholder #paymetogoaway

  • dahowlett says:

    greg_not_so no accounting for stock pickers’ taste

  • greg_not_so says:

    > dahowlett diginomica Weekend rant: Yahoo! trending – isn’t, is it? http://ow.ly/tECT5” < my thoughts exactly but their stock is up